Girl with a Pearl Earring, Gilded Age Drama

This is a portfolio gallery of design work for the period drama film Girl with a Pearl Earring. This film was nominated for two Academy Awards (Oscars) of which one was for the Production Design of Ben van Os. The film is named after a painting of the same name by the Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer.

The film was shot largely in a studio in Luxembourg, in addition to a very large exterior set complete with canals, bridges, ice-flows, markets and a church. Some locations were filmed in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Todd van Hulzen designed sets, both exterior and interior, orchestrated a complicated program of acquiring image rights for creating reproduction paintings, painted several important prop pieces himself, tutored the actors in painting skills and acted as a “hand double” for the Vermeer character.

Like stepping inside a Vermeer painting. The light, color and composition are eerily perfect. (New York Daily News)

Sanctuary, Gothic Sci-Fi Fantasy series
Erik in the Land of Insects, 2004

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