The first phase of Museum Broekerveiling’s debut as an important new regional museums is finished. “The Auction Day”, an installation found in the visitor’s center/museum of the Broekerveiling, is a first introduction to life in the Realm of 1000 islands, and tells the story of a typical auction day from a macro level: at dawn a farmer punts his wooden barge to his market garden on one of the many swampy islands, collects his produce, arrives at the auction buildings by boat, and then floats through the auction hall where he hopes to garner the best price. All this is told twofold and simultaneously: on the one side animated mechanical landscapes and buildings in acrylic cases whir and flutter as they animate their hero, a paper puppet, in his habitat as he transports and delivers cabbage. On the other side of the room we see a projection of the same activities through a live camera feed of each acrylic case. Because of the framing, lighting and flatness of the projection, we cast the illusion of a proper documentary film. The narration and music creates a moving whole. Visitors are delighted by this seemingly analogue approach, and marvel at all the little bits and pieces.