Installation opens for the exhibit “Gold” at the Museum Catherijne Convent in Utrecht.

The third unveiling this year is “Goud” (or Gold) at the Catherijne Convent in Utrecht. The Catherijne Convent is the museum of eccliastical heritage in the Netherlands, and by extension also a podium for the ritualistic and medieval. It is known for its innovative exhibits on popular customs and spirituality. For the exhibit “Goud” (gold in Dutch) the Catherijnenconvent and the Museum of Money invited Todd van Hulzen and the Museumstudio to create an installation in the lower hall on the subject of the real value of gold. The fashion designer Aziz Bekkaoui created an associative and fashion-oriented exhibit on the second floor.

Todd van Hulzen and Museumstudio win a prestigious award for Museum Broekerveiling.
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