As we described in an earlier post, we were nominated for an “InternationalMuse Award”, the prestigious award presented by the American Association of Museums, in the category of “Multimedia Installation” for our work at the¬†Broekerveiling, the floating action house. Considering the competition, we are very pleased with our Honorable Mention. Following is the text from the association website:

Museum Broeker Veiling – ‘The Auction Day’
Museum Broeker Veiling, Broek op Langedijk and Museumstudio, Amsterdam & Todd van Hulzen Design

Judges said:

The most ingenious part of this project lies in its combination of the real-sized model, camera, and projector to create a unique story-telling platform, presenting the main
characteristics of the very museum and cultural distinctiveness of the locale. Elaborately designed music score, narration and atmosphere not onlyconveythe general idea of what the museum is to address but also create a visiting experience of profound richness for the audience