Todd van Hulzen and StudioLouter have created another fun and fascinating exhibition, this time at NEMO Science Center in Amsterdam. It’s called “SportLab” and it’s all about the science behind sports, which is particularly interesting in this big sports year: Olympics, European Cup, Tour de France, and more.

The core concept of the installation is about showing kids how knowledge about technique and psychology can help you get better results in athletics. There are the techniques behind state-of-the-art goggles from Nike, special rowing machines and “string bikes”. Then there’s the psychology behind keeping your eye on the prize, calculating the direction of a penalty kick, and the psychology of competition.

Todd van Hulzen designed themed learning islands, each with it’s own themed colors, graphics and floor stickers. All of the units were unified by a singel printed “stadium track” on the floor. Colorful banners and signage unified the lot. Studio Louter created interactive consoles.