We can’t describe how giddy and proud we are of our new big baby, the impressive reconstruction of the historic Haringpakkerstoren (Herring Packers’ Tower).  Of course our tower is not made of masonry and wood, but of scaffolding, mesh, and most importantly, light.  30 meters high (100 feet), the tower, which we call “Temporal Tower” rises up along the quays of the old harbor of Amsterdam, adjacent to the Central Station and is lit by 36 LED arrays dispersed around the spire.  The light is very gradually animated in something of a churning cycle of one color group.  Each week we will change the color scheme and configuration.  For more information on the history of this tower, the original of which was demolished in 1829, see some of the entries below.  For now we just want to publish some of the most recent photo’s of this little giant. There are more to come, as the project is getting quite a lot of media attention.

Todd van Hulzen Design and Studio Louter put this together for the Amsterdam Light Festival, who also relieved us of much of the productional burden.  Without them of course it would never have happened. But above all a big thanks to our all-around lighting genius Tinus Holthuis who weathered freezing temperatures and hurricane force winds to program each LED array to jump at his command.

So please come to Amsterdam, visit this amazing Winter City with its reflective canals, rhythmic lighting and beautiful glowing facades, and take a boat on the water route of the Amsterdam Light Festival.  And visit the photo gallery below!

Todd & co.