Todd has been intermittently working on his own cabin in Oregon and occasionally posts updates here. Each year seems to be greeted with a new design. The most current update reflects a desire to finish the project quickly and affordably, but also to keep true to the spirit of openness in the great outdoors. The wooden walls have now given way to canvas walls and mosquito screens: basic cabin elements augmented by tent elements. The concept is to create a central “box” set on the existing foundation which harbors a large canvas tent. Apart from this, the storage box contains a small kitchen, a fold down bed, a wood stove and a bath. Everything can be folded and rolled out of its packed location to create a roomy, well-appointed and dry tenting experience, with a few permanent fixtures (a kitchen) which give the feel of a traditional cabin. If needs be, the wood stove can be stoked and further insulation can be rolled out. Some people would call this “glamping”. At the end of a stay, everything is packed up again into the container for varmint-free winter storage. On top of the box is a water tank, a generator, a battery array and solar panels.