We are calling the festive dressing models in this video “Harlequin Mannequins”. But having been originally made in Holland for an exhibition about Carnival where the diamond shape was used as a recurring motif, they also get the Dutch dialect name of “Ruutjesmennekes” (rhombus men). You could have them made of course in a neutral color palette, but that would be a bit less festive. These mannequins are suitable for any kind of exhibition for which you need to create a uniform appearance for historic costumes but want to avoid the usual commercially available figures. Our mannequins are also available with any bespoke features that a costume exhibition might require. The real charm of these jaunty fellows comes when, as you rotate around them, their various colors coalesce and retreat and new patterns appear, and this can only be achieved with a certain amount of contrast. With a bit of music thrown in they become quite a celebration.

also available in a neutral palette