At the opening of our most recent major project, “Crazy about Money” in the Tax and Customs Museum, we received a very special guest of honor: Her Majesty Queen Máxima. I, Todd, had the opportunity to talk to our queen for a few minutes about the design of the exhibition and about the best ways to arouse children’s interest. “Children don’t like to read too much, I can tell you.” And we agree 100% with that.

Queen Máxima has been honorary chairman of the platform Wiser in money matters since 2010. In this position, she draws attention to the importance of financial education and the wise handling of money, in particular for children and young people. Queen Máxima acts as a special advisor for the platform and speaks with stakeholders about how financial awareness and self-reliance can be increased.

After the opening, Queen Máxima will be given a tour of some special types of money from the National Numismatic Collection of De Nederlandsche Bank. These provide insight into the origin and use of means of payment over the centuries. In addition to rare coins and paper money, there are also means of payment such as salt, shells and stones. The exhibition also focuses on the effects of money on people. Subsequently, Queen Máxima has round table discussions on various themes that the museum deals with, including financial education.