Ammersoyen Castle in the town of Ammersoden is one of the seven castles owned by the foundation Gelderland Landscape and Castles. Of all their properties, Ammersoyen Castle exudes the atmosphere of the Middle Ages the most. After all, it dates from the fourteenth century and has almost stood the test of time in its original form. GLK approached Studio Louter and Todd van Hulzen to work out a concept for the “rebranding” of this huge piece of heritage. How can we give the castle its own identity that attracts visitors to it specifically? Which stories appeal to the imagination the most. Is it about being relevant to the present time or just about being able to dream away in the distant past? Together with Studio Louter we are going to make a bid book that the customer will uses to raise funds for its ambitions. We then wait and see if we can get a chance to make our vision come true, because that is a completely different process. Fingers crossed!