The Printer Enschedé in the Archives of North Holland

In October 2018 we wrote a post about our collaboration with the Archives
North-Hollands in Haarlem. We made a “bid book”, or a presentation brochure for a subsidisable exhibition concept. Many months later we can report that we are already well advanced with the design and production of the tangible exhibition “Joh. Enschede: Printer of Worth. “

Between the Gothic vaults, aisles and nave of the Janskerk in Haarlem we have visualized a new exhibition about the work of the famous Haarlem printing company, Joh. Enschede and Sons. Here the visitor will soon experience a world of intimate beauty in the form of banknotes, stamps, vignettes, securities, carved letters, and beautiful fonts. In addition, we discover special designs for banknotes from artists such as M.C. Escher and Robert “Ootje” Oxenaar. Amongst the setups in the display cases, or rather actually suspended above them, we see free installations devised by Todd van Hulzen and Studio Louter that portray the various themes in a figurateve manner.

The biggest eye-catcher of all will be our adaptation of the existing Gothic windows. The light through these high pointed arches needs to be reduced considerably in order to meet archival requirements. With Anna Nogaré from Studio Louter we create a modern interpretation of stained glass that is almost 11 meters high.

Scheduled opening mid November 2019.