We are very happy with our newest commission for the Hof van Nederland / Dordrechts Museum. The Hof, or “court”, a former Augustinian monastery, occupies a very special place in Dutch history. You could almost call it the “cradle of Holland” because of two important events there: the first independent meeting of the States General and the Synod of Dordrecht, both important milestones in the Dutch historic canon. Additionally, Dordrecht itself is considered the oldest official city in the county of Holland. But this building, a fascinating maze, has witnessed even more events that make us who we are. And that needs to be told. But how?

The exhibition makers of the Dordrechts Museum, who are also managers of Huis van Gijn and the Hof van Nederland, want to fashion a clear narrative that gives the visitor guidance in this hodgepodge assembly of historic buildings. The current setup lacks overview and moments of reflection. Together with two exciting new colleagues, Inez Groen, who devises and develops games (www.gamesandlearning.nl) and Ferry Piekert, who makes narrative texts and audio tours, we will make order from chaos. And we are going to devise and build an experience that visitors will then shout about from the rooftops.