What do you do to stay professionally sharp and give back? Each year Todd takes some time out to work as a guest lecturer: this year at the Netherlands Film Academy, at the Reinwardts Academie (museum sciences) and at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences for its multi-media minor “immersive design”.

Since 2018 Todd has worked each spring semester at the Film Academy as a lecturer, or more precisely, as project mentor for third-year students in the major Production Design. After decades of working in the trenches of the film-industry, the museum sector, and various “artistic” trades, the time was ripe to share his broad competences. Each year at the Film Academy third-year students chose their own independent project —conception and design— to execute and to present. A typical example would is the design of a film set, but besides that we’ve seen students making short animation films, learning image-manipulation, designing log cabins, sewing historical costumes, sculpting stop-motion figures, building maquettes, and immersing themselves in off-the-hip photography. All things that Todd to a greater or lesser degree has had experience with. With each project Todd gives instruction and guidance in practical as well as theoretical and narrative aspects. And finally he puts a lot of emphasis on presentation, because the projects are not just about self-cultivation, but about professionalization.

This year beside his work at the Filmacademie Todd gave a guest lecture with Dirk Bertels (StudioBertels) for the University of Applied Sciences. This was the first time that he gave a presentation entirely in a completely virtual environment, including self-made avatars and a virtual auditorium. The subject of the lecture was the creation of immersive environments, and as case-study we expanded on one of our designs for NEMO Science Center.

Studio Todd van Hulzen sees a lot of opportunities in education and is look forward to more partnerships. He is developing a number of new lecture topics germane to his experience, among which: using 3D software, Drawing for non-artists, Designing 3D art installations, and Employing history in production design.

If your institution is interested in hiring Todd as a guest lecturer, feel free to call. +31 626196137.

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