Voilá a design for exhibition gadgets from the do-I-know-what-i’m-doing department. . This is for viewer of digital content which will be housed in an in-museum “lookout tower” in the Waterlands Museum & Belltower in Monnickendam, and it’s supposed to look and function like a landscape viewing scope. The content is a variety of historical photo’s and animations that show the development of the city of Monnickendam, and in particular the place of it’s famous off-key belfry and the neglected importance of sound in the story of a landscape.

It seems that with many projects I’m thrusted into the role of “engineer”, until I get a stern talking-to by the professionals who actually make things. With this one however I got it just about right. Maybe I’m getting better. In any case, an exploded view drawing always goes down well during a design presentation.