photo Benno Ellerbroek

Hoorn is an old city in the North of Holland on the shores of the former Zuyder Sea. In the 16th, 17th and early 18th centuries it was wildly prosperous, and sent its merchants and soldiers the world over in search of glory and domination. Great profits, spoils of war and human chattel were its morally dubious rewards, but it funded the construction of a great little city steeped in stories that belie its modest size.

The West Friesmuseum is charged with telling these stories. While the museum building itself is closed for renovation it has opened the multimedia show “Discover the Story of Hoorn” (Ontdek het verhaal van Hoorn) in another fine historic building, the States General House. And for this show Studio Todd van Hulzen has made the central contribution, a 4 meter wide representation of Hoorn on top of the World made out of wax, tar, pigment, wood and construction foam recycled from house boats, all thanks to the construction help of the guys at Surinamekade. With our content partners Studio Louter we conceived, produced and executed an almost purely sculptural product that we are terribly proud of. In addition to this, Studio Louter researched, produced and wrote the scenario for a son-et-lumière show projected onto the globe’s surface and onto the panelled walls of the historic alderman’s chambers. Together with the animators, Motoko, we slowly forged a well integrated introduction to the history and geography of Hoorn. The client was terrifically pleased.