Todd van Hulzen is an Art Director, Production Designer and Exhibition Designer. He visualizes, designs and manages the building of environments and attributes for the film, television and museum industries. Todd has also done work in interior design, display, monuments, planning and fine art.

Currently Todd is tackling the problem of the New Museum (or “Museum 2.0” as it’s sometimes called.)  How do you meet the new marketing demands of the current environment? How do you create strong exhibits for a public who has been traditionally hostile to the museum experience?  How do you combine artistic installations with educational value? Todd’s ambition is to continue to create conceptual installations in the museum and public environments without losing educational relevance.  His strength in this is the fact that his interest for history and the social sciences is at his core.

Todd has also worked on the films of Peter Greenaway, Terry Gilliam, Peter Weber, Wes Anderson and Julie Taymor, functioning variously as Art Director, Production Designer, Set Designer and Fine Artist.

Todd lives and works in Amsterdam. He grew up in rural Oregon, in the United States and has US and Dutch nationalities. He speaks English, Dutch, French and Italian, as well as useful amounts of other languages. This comes from having lived and worked in Holland, Montréal, Rome, Turkey, Belgium and Spain, among others. Most recently he has worked for a full year in Vancouver on the science-fiction television series Sanctuary.