Design for the Mauritshuis, British Royal Collection

Not every pitch is a winner. We could dedicate a monthly post to all of the marvelous fish that got away. The odds are simply not always in your favor, and everyone knows this before going in on a design tender. Still, it’s a shame to have the designs disappear into oblivion. We were particularly proud of designs we made for the Mauritshuis in […]

Fantastic Floor at NEMO

That marvelous, terrifying moment has arrived for our project at the NEMO Science Center: the first concrete installations are taking place.  No longer a design process in which to endlessly vacillate between possibilities, we now have incontrovertible real objects being installed and constructed.  The exhibit furniture and elements are being constructed  in Nüremburg, Germany, while the new inlaid linoleum floor […]

Amsterdam GVB Streetcar now rolling with our designs on it.

With all the commotion around the opening of “Temporal Tower” we almost forgot that there was an Amsterdam tram (streetcar) of the GVB (Municipal Transport Company) about to roll out with our name on it. And sure enough, there she is.  Dirk Bertels of Studio Louter and Todd van Hulzen worked together on the concept, which is part of the […]

For the Holidays: drawings for Vondel’s Gysbrecht van Aemstel

It’s an old Amsterdam tradition that has fallen somewhat in disuse: staging a performance of Joost van den Vondel’s drama, Gysbrecht van Æmstel on New Years Day. In 2008 Todd van Hulzen created a series of scene sketches and story-boards for a film version of the play, part of a threefold attempt at getting  the cameraman on his way,of creating a […]

Arbiter of Style: Nice write-up in the Volkskrant

The Dutch daily De Volkskrant needed new designers and creative types for their weekly style spread called “Da’s Mooi!” (That’s Nice!) They come to your house, take photos and ask lots of interesting questions, then churn out something just barely recognizable. But as they say, all publicity is good publicity. Here’s the original PDF, and here’s a translation in English .