Graphic work for “Mad for Money”

In addition to the architectural design for the exhibition “Mad for Money” in the Tax & Customs Museum, we also worked rather hard on the graphic layer. We wanted to highlight that separately. Together with graphic designer Rob Meerman (formerly from Mannschaft) I, Todd, did a lot of illustration work for, among others, a timeline […]

The Corpses of the Brothers De Witt

Another sculpture assignment I received from the production of the film “Michiel de Ruyter” was to recreate the cruelly lynched bodies of the brothers De Witt, a prominent Dutch politician from the 16th century and his brother who were attacked by an Orangist mob and lynched in the Hague.  Obviously there’s a serious story here, […]

Wayang Kulit Belanda: shadow puppets of Dutch characters in Indonesian style.

For an installation in Het Geheugenpaleis (Palace of Memory,) currently on exhibit at the Dutch National Archives in the Hague, Todd created a series of shadow puppets based on both caricatures of Dutch “types” and on traditional Indonesian style shadow puppets made of punched leather, or Wayang Kulit.  This was in turn for the archival […]