exhibition design

Exhibitions can be emotional experiences: and that’s exactly what you want. Let us help you create a compelling visitor journey without losing sight of your institutional principles. 

At Todd van Hulzen Design it’s all about making unforgettable experiences and inspiring emotions such as admiration, amazement, and self recognition. We love to help people discover how awesome the world is. And with our love of history, architecture, art and technique you are working with someone who has an authentic regard for content.

  •  innovative concepts
  • display solutions for all budgets
  • presentations and visualisation
  • display cases and mounting solutions
  • exhibition furniture / multimedia consoles
  • contacts with builders, artists and engineers
  • graphic design integration

set design

If you require an unusual film set you need a broadly experienced designer. He’s built on his love of historic architecture to become the go-to guy for the design of period sets. From westerns, to sci-fi to period romances, Todd has 25 years of experience in creating everything from CG backgrounds to entire worlds.

  • set design & drafting
  • production design
  • CG-specific art direction
  • preparatory visualization & storyboard
  • specialty properties (painting, sculpture)

Handwork & artwork

Studio Todd van Hulzen is essentially an art studio. Besides practical design Todd van Hulzen is a fine artist, creating in a variety of media.  One-off artworks are available on commission, and soon a line of commercially available reproductions can be viewed and ordered online.

  •  sculpture and 3D applied ornament for film industry
  • copies, “forgeries” and hypothetical historical paintings for film industry
  • paper cuts on commission
  • art installations: one-offs and adjuncts to museum exhibitions